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A few words about the GAME

Zombie Gunship Survival is a somewhat bleak shooter/base building game from flaregames. It has you establishing a base of survivors in a post apocalyptic world, while also controlling a gunship against an onslaught of zombies.

Follow these steps when playing Zombie Gunship Survival to get the most out of the game. Look in the Hangar to equip new weapons. Your gunship can carry two weapons very early on, with that number increasing to three once you reach HQ level 5. New troops can also be assigned in the hangar, providing your hangar is at a decent level. Don’t expect to have many at your disposal early on. Weapon upgrades are conducted via the Hangar’s Workshop. Pick out your favorite weapon and hit the boost button. You can assign red metal to the weapon to boost its level. Ideally, you want to keep your weapons reasonably balanced, but you also want to pick out some favorites. It’s down to you which weapons you prefer but I’d suggest investing into the machine gun fairly early on. It’ll soon pack a punch. Be prepared to rearrange your defenses accordingly. Zombie Gunship Survival teaches you the basics but you want to constantly reassess how you’re laying things out. A good base needs good defenses.

The basic element to all these are resources which involve Money and gold. The power of a certain player is governed by the amount of resources in possession. These resources have to be earned by players by completing and earning these Money and gold is not easy. Even if these resources are successfully earned, it might not be enough for setting up certain strategies.

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  • Firstly, the player has to enter your username or email.
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  • After entering all the data mentioned above, a generate button has to be entered.
  • After this step, a human verification process comes up so that programmed software will not be able to access anything.
  • Then the work is done, players may check their game status or account for the generated Money and gold coins.

This type of Zombie Gunship Survival Hack is becoming increasingly popular mainly because they are easy to use. One of the most important factors is that nothing has to be downloaded, and there are no risks for viruses and other such things. So taking help from these hack websites can be very useful to progress in the game.

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